Ortho-band supportive bandage

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£15.73 exc VAT
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ORTHO-BAND™ Extra soft synthetic orthopaedic padding, highly conformable to reduce the formation of ridges. Suitable for all types of casting materials. Easy to tear for added convenience. Full range of widths from 5 to 20cm. Providing an inexpensive, convenient material for undercast and all padding uses. Presented individually wrapped in a printed polythen sleeve in packs of 12.

Synthetic padding
Absorbs less moisture than cotton wool preventing pressure sores.
Ideal for using under casting material.

Highly conformable and soft
Easy to apply and comfortable for the animal.

Strong but does not break
Can apply tension if required.

Teases apart
Can be torn if required.

Is of even consistency/thickness
 - Providing a more even surface preventing ridge formation.


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